3 baby proofing tips

3 baby proofing tips

3 baby proofing tips

Babies are little people with no regard danger. As a new mom I was overwhelmed at the many potential safety hazards that you come across when you really look for them. Babies love to explore and eat everything so here are 3 baby proofing tips.

Outlet covers

There is something magical for some reason to babies when they see outlets. They always seem to eventually gravitate toward them. Once they get close they want to turn it up a knot just and try to stick things in the tiny openings. Outlet covers are super cheap you can buy them in bulk online for cheap. You can usually find them online with 50 packs for less than $10. A 50 pack should be able to cover every outlet in your house. Worse case scenario you have to get two.

Cabinet ties

Many people keep cleaning supplies or potentially hazardous things under the cabinet. Babies love opening and closing doors. The solution to this is cabinet ties. They make it so a button has to be pressed to get into the cabinet. This way you can rest at ease while your cleaning chemicals and plumbing are virtually impossible for your baby to reach

Baby gates

If you have stairs this is a must. Baby gates help you section of parts of your house, and keep babies out of danger. Most are installed by using pressure to Adhere to a small space. Babies move fast and you want to make sure each area they are in is totally secure. You can remove these gates when your child is old enough.


By getting outlet covers, baby gates, and cabinet ties you can greatly increase safety around your home. If you found these 3 baby proofing tips helpful please share this post with friends, family, and anyone who may need suggestions on keeping their houses safe from a new baby.