3 Gadgets New Moms Need

3 Gadgets New Moms Need

3 baby gadgets kids need

Tools make things easier, this is a fact. Being a mom is no different, certain tools make it easier to function throughout the day. But what if you didn’t know which tools you need? That’s why we decided to show you 3 gadgets new moms need. The items on this list will make your days much easier with a new port baby.

Breast Pump

A lot of mothers opt to breast feed their child, and with good reason, breast milk contains many important nutrients for your growing baby. But what about when you inevitably need to get away for a few hours for work, or a bit of social time. Breast pumping is a great way to build up some milk reserves so that your baby can feed without you physically being there. Picking the right pump is crucial. It is recommended to get the best electric breast pump you can find, as they usually are the best pump for producing milk in quantity.

Baby Monitor

This is a life saver if you ever want to leave the baby alone for a brief second or while they sleep. Tradition baby monitors had an included monitor to watch the baby, but modern monitors allow you to watch your baby from the comfort and portability of your smartphone. This means you can walk around the house and keep an eye on your baby. The best quality baby monitors even have motion detection technology to send you an alert when your baby wakes up. This will come in handy in capturing first milestones as well. Some people even try to turn their own cell phones into baby monitors to save money.

Play Yard

The play yard will save your life because of its portability. They are essentially play pens that can be moved very easily. This comes in handy when you want to allow your baby a little freedom, but don’t want them running all over the house. These also work well if you ever need to run in the other room for a few minutes, because they will keep your baby in one contained section of the house.

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Three milestones for your baby 

Three milestones for your baby


From the time your baby is born, it will seem like life is stuck on fast forward. Fortunately, we live in a time we can record everything. Here are three milestones for your baby to look forward too.

Sitting up

When your baby is first born they can’t do much of anything other than look adorable. As the month’s pass around a certain age muscles develop they will be able to sit up by themselves. This milestone is the first in a chain of vital things to learn.


Once the sit up is perfected, then your child begins to crawl. Crawling means that your baby is ready to become mobile. Crawling can be a tiring stage as the baby is also looking for things to get into. Many times the crawling stage is accompanied by a quest to find any and everything to put in their mouth’s. At that age, everything looks like food to babies as they explore the world. It is important to make sure to keep the floors clean and free of debris, or toys from older kids. At this point, anything big enough to block the child’s windpipe is a choking hazard. Baby proofing will be essential.


Walking is the final stage in the babies quest for both mobility and independence. If you have stairs the baby will also try to conquer these as well. As the baby starts getting better at waking it’s important to make sure you don’t let your child fall and hit its head on any hard or sharp surfaces.


These are just the first few in a plethora of milestones your child will reach. These three milestones for your baby don’t have a specific time frame. Make sure to encourage your babies and never put too much pressure on them. Soon they will start working on their toddler milestones and you will love every step of the way.

3 baby proofing tips

3 baby proofing tips

3 baby proofing tips

Babies are little people with no regard danger. As a new mom I was overwhelmed at the many potential safety hazards that you come across when you really look for them. Babies love to explore and eat everything so here are 3 baby proofing tips.

Outlet covers

There is something magical for some reason to babies when they see outlets. They always seem to eventually gravitate toward them. Once they get close they want to turn it up a knot just and try to stick things in the tiny openings. Outlet covers are super cheap you can buy them in bulk online for cheap. You can usually find them online with 50 packs for less than $10. A 50 pack should be able to cover every outlet in your house. Worse case scenario you have to get two.

Cabinet ties

Many people keep cleaning supplies or potentially hazardous things under the cabinet. Babies love opening and closing doors. The solution to this is cabinet ties. They make it so a button has to be pressed to get into the cabinet. This way you can rest at ease while your cleaning chemicals and plumbing are virtually impossible for your baby to reach

Baby gates

If you have stairs this is a must. Baby gates help you section of parts of your house, and keep babies out of danger. Most are installed by using pressure to Adhere to a small space. Babies move fast and you want to make sure each area they are in is totally secure. You can remove these gates when your child is old enough.


By getting outlet covers, baby gates, and cabinet ties you can greatly increase safety around your home. If you found these 3 baby proofing tips helpful please share this post with friends, family, and anyone who may need suggestions on keeping their houses safe from a new baby.